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Instagram Influencers Course

How to become a Travel Blogger

January 3, 2019

Being a travel blogger is a profession that those of us who love to write, experience new things, and who really love running our own businesses can thrive at. It seems like the ideal job and in many ways it is, but it is absolutely a job that requires strategy, an entrepreneurial spirit, particular skill in the areas of storytelling and visual presentation, and approaching it as a business.

Here you can find 10 things that you can do to stand out from the thousands of other people who are also starting a travel blog. These are the things that I have personally used to build my blog into a six-figure business that has been fully sustaining me for the past three years.

Ready to put in the hard work? Here we go:

1.      Understand the industry

If you’re looking to start a career in travel blogging, it’s important to understand the travel industry. Familiarise yourself with key travel bloggers, become a member of associations such as the Travel Bloggers Association, and join communities such as Travel Blog Success. These can help take a blog to the next level, whilst having a community of travel writers to turn to for help and advice.

2. Find your niche

Once upon a time, bloggers could write general posts about any destination in the world. However, as the competition for travel blogging increases, it is important to understand your direction or niche. Consider focussing on a particular topic or a specific location, like Bondi Blogger, Tracy Long. By being focused, it’s possible to become an authority in the area over time.

3. Know your audience

By knowing your audience, you can start to focus all of your energy on reaching the right people, through the way you design your blog, right through to your written tone of voice.

4. Build your blog

With so many travel bloggers scattered across the web, it’s important that yours stands out. Think of a good name that will catch people’s attention. Next, create the platform in which to blog. There are lots of options, but sites such as WordPress are popular and make it easy to get started. Pick an attractive theme (many are free), add plugins, set-up Google Analytics and then get writing!

5. Be passionate

Becoming a travel blogger is much more than just a career choice, it’s a whole lifestyle change. It’s therefore important that you’re passionate about what you do. If not, it will be obvious in your writing, and if you don’t love travelling and writing, why should other people love reading your work?

6. Make money

The truth is that becoming a travel blogger takes time, and you’re unlikely to make much money in the beginning. Many people decide to start on a part-time basis and then switch to full-time once their blog takes off. However, there are some other ways to generate an income. Some people decide to work as a freelancer alongside blogging, you could sell space on your site for advertising through Google AdWords, allow sponsored blog posts, agree to partnerships with businesses, or even sell products such as eBooks, t-shirts and courses through your site.

7. Keep it up

Blogging can be extremely time-consuming, but for it to be successful, it’s important to keep writing, to build up a strong reputation. One of the secrets of how to become a travel blogger is perseverance. It may be a while before you see huge results, but you can enjoy an incredible journey along the way.

8. Jump on social media

Travel blogging isn’t just about blogging. It’s also important to have a strong presence on social media (so make sure you reserve your social media handles quickly). Not only can social media be used to promote your content, but it can also help to show that you are an authority in the industry. If a business is looking for someone to write a travel article for them, who do you think they’ll choose? Someone who has over 10,000 followers, or someone with a poorly branded account and 100 followers?

9. Don’t underestimate your value

Blogging takes a lot of time and hard work and so it’s important that you understand how much you’re worth. Don’t let people undervalue your work and don’t be afraid to say no if you’re not going to get what you feel is due.

10. Set goals

Don’t get complacent. Set yourself goals so you have something to work toward. A goal could be to get featured in a specific publication, to increase web traffic to your blog or to grow your social media following.

11. Write amazing content

Although all of these tips are important, ultimately it’s critical to create top quality content. Stand out from the crowd by being honest with your readers, giving your opinion and being creative.