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Swimwear Brands

Best swimwear brands for this summer!

July 15, 2019

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably already thinking about summer, a paradisiac beach somewhere in the world and all the outfits you’ll be adding to your suitcase for your holiday. Certainly, swimsuits are the first item to pack, right? But where, exactly, are swimwear trends headed?

There’s no better feeling than finding a swimsuit you love. However, this mission can be quite challenging for some people. A good swimsuit needs to look flattering, fit well, be supportive and durable, so it keeps its shape use after use.

We’ve rounded up a list of the most Instagram-worthy swimwear brands, during the last year. From floral-print bikinis to retro-inspired one-pieces, prepare to fall in love with all of them:


Can a swimsuit be cute, comfortable and sexy at the same time? Well, for the first time we say yes! If you like frills, laces, rents and open backs, then Kitess swimwear is definitely for you. Creating swimwear since 2016, Kitess brings unique and thematic collections every year. From Portugal, with love!

Kitess Swimwear Brands

Kitess: Site | Facebook Instagram

ARK Swimwear

This brand was born from a desire for a luxurious, comfortable and timeless swimwear.  ARK swimwear provides fantastic sizing and high-quality materials. In addition, their minimalist designs and luxe fabrics, accentuate and celebrate the female form, wherever you go.

Swimwear Brands

ARK: Site | Facebook | Instagram


Capittana aims to represent sustainability and female empowerment, providing high-quality swimwear. All fabrics are produced in an environmentally friendly way and the garments are handcrafted by at-risk women and single mothers in Peru.

Capittana Brand Swimwear

Capittana: Site | Facebook | Instagram

Charlie Mae

High-quality swimwear, defined by flattering cuts and a love for comfort. All the pieces are designed to accentuate beauty and confidence, influenced by the relaxed Australian summer.

Charlie Mae Swimwear Brands

Charlie Mae: Site | Facebook | Instagram

Salty Mermaid

Slaty Mermaid brings character to each suit created, empowering the beauty and curves of the woman. Above all, they have mastered the perfect cut for every body shape, with a soft and strong luxe fabric.

Salty Mermaid
Swimwear Brand

Salty Mermaid: Site | Facebook | Instagram

Nayade Swim

One brand, two sisters and a common passion for fashion and beach. Nayade swimwear emerged from the pure desire to make women beautiful at the beach. Consequently, each collection is imagined to reveal elegance, seduction & sensuality.

Nayade Swimwear Brand

Nayade Swim: Site | Facebook | Instagram